10 years later, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is still one of the best modern rom-coms

Full-frontal hilarity ensues when a depressed composer winds up at the same Hawaiian resort as his TV star ex-girlfriend in this comedy. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Trailer. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Start Your Free Trial. New subscribers only. You May Also Like Extras. Shallow Hal. Meet the Parents.

Sarah Marshall

The film, which was written by Segel and co-produced by Judd Apatow , was released by Universal Pictures. The story revolves around Peter Bretter, who is a music composer for a TV show that happens to feature his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, in the lead role. After a five-year relationship, Sarah abruptly breaks up with Peter.

There is no doubt that Russell Brand, making his Hollywood screen debut in the irreverent romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is no ordinary comedian.

The page you’ve requested can not be displayed. It appears you’ve missed your intended destination, either through a bad or outdated link, or a typo in the page you were hoping to reach. I love Jason Segel and Russell Brand so this move was very enjoyable to watch. I think it’s a scenario we can all relate to in a sense – a relationship ends marshall seeing your former significant other moving on dating someone century can be difficult dating awkward. The movie is very funny.

It’s not going to win any Forgetting Awards, but it wasn’t meant to. It’s a fun movie to sit back and enjoy watching. I sarah marshall to have it as a part of my digital movie century one have already watched it twice! I love this movie!

‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ relies on nudity and raunch

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On April 18, , “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” — the hilarious rom-com about a man determined to get over his ex-girlfriend — turns 10 years old. In honor of the film’s anniversary, Wonderwall. What you might not know about Jason Segel’s contribution to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is that he wasn’t just the film’s star, but also its writer.

Not long after, he starred in one of his first dramatic roles in the biopic “The End of the Tour,” which earned him critical acclaim. In , we saw Jason in the indie mystery drama “The Discovery. As for his personal life, Jason’s rumored to be dating artist Alexis Mixter. Kristen Bell stars as the title character in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Things get weird when her ex shows up in Hawaii at the same hotel she’s staying at with her new beau.

Since , Kristen’s been a regular on the small screen in the award-winning comedy series “The Good Place” on which she plays Eleanor Shellstrop, a misbehaving woman who died and accidentally made it into heaven.

This breakup really broke up Jason Segel

Three of the most outrageous and quotable comedies of all time — Forgetting Sarah Marshall , Knocked Up and The Year-Old Virgin — are available together for the first time! The laughs, especially from writer-star Jason Segel, are both heartfelt and raunchy, and the film is just unexpected enough that it keeps the viewer’s attention till the end. The touches of producer Judd Apatow, who’s famously retooled rom-coms to appeal to guys as much as women, are woven throughout the film, but Segel’s script, reportedly based on many of his own experiences, is fresh and original.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall does has its saving graces, though, for example: beautiful and sweet actress Mila Kunis (the girl who makes Peter forget about Sarah);.

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‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Is The Perfect Example Of A Love Triangle Done Right

I ask because the creative types on both those low-rated but deservedly treasured sitcoms keep turning up as actors, writers and directors on the films issuing from Apatow Nation. The last two Walk Hard , Drillbit Taylor were factory seconds. Segel wrote the script and stars as the rejected lover in Forgetting Sarah Marshall , and he pulls off both jobs with a deceptive ease that does Apatow proud.

Travel guide to filming locations for Forgetting Sarah Marshall (), in Hawaii and Los Angeles.

The new comedy from the creators of Knocked Up and Superbad doesn’t live up to the success of its predecessors. Visit ShowBizCafe to satisfy all your movie needs. Be warned: the movie’s humor is definitely directed more at an Anglo audience, which is why many Latinos might find the jokes — along with the movie — a bit dull and unsubstantial. The plot is simple. Main character Peter Bretter Segel is a musician whose heart breaks when his girlfriend Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , a television star, decides to end their relationship.

From there, the plot pretty much falls apart and turns into a bunch of nonsense. Segel, who stars in the film and wrote its screenplay, is a talented actor who can usually hold the attention of the audience, but unfortunately, his character becomes unbearable after awhile. We watch for two hours as his character dies a slow death, falling deeper and deeper into depression in pathetic and melodramatic ways.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall does has its saving graces, though, for example: beautiful and sweet actress Mila Kunis the girl who makes Peter forget about Sarah ; Russell Brand, a rising comedic star; and Paul Rudd, who gives one of the funniest performances of his career. Is Forgetting Sarah Marshall bad? Not totally, but with the price of movie tickets so high, I suggest that you forget that the film exists. Forget About Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Film ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is unforgettable

News News. Spoiler information may be found in this review, so read at your own risk. Back to the whole penis thing though.

Peter is currently dating that TV show’s star, a tiny blonde bombshell named Sarah Marshall, played by fellow TV actress, Kirsten Bell (“Veronica Mars” and.

Every day until Valentine’s Day, Entertainment Weekly is celebrating our special romantic-comedy-themed Untold Stories issue. Check out all our behind-the-scenes tidbits, reunions, and oral histories — and follow LoveEWstyle on Twitter and Instagram. The shock causes him to drop his towel, showing both Sarah and the audience more of him than they could have ever expected.

But that wasn’t always the plan. But it just slowed down the scene so we ended up not doing that. And still, that experience didn’t make it any easier on Segel when it came to filming. Added Bell of the shooting experience: “Jason psyched himself up to doing it and he really owned the fact that he did write it and that he was going to go through with it. Because I’m sure on the day it felt so much more vulnerable than when he wrote it…at his house…the previous year.

Russell Brand on how Mila Kunis rebuffed him… because she was dating Macaulay Culkin

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall Peter is a composer and a likable sad sack who’s devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall, the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him.

The romantic comedy follows Peter Bretter’s (Jason Segel) struggle with getting over his breakup with actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) by.

No Gone Girl -esque “is that it? It’s a missions statement that, funny as a well-placed dick shot is, also means something. But it’s not about whether or not he did experience a devastating breakup while in the nude, whether or not there is much autobiography to the film at all. It’s how he chooses to write and explore the age-old trope of “schlubby charming dude betrayed by a hot woman, before quickly finding another hot woman. Those two things do happen, but for an R-rated comedy about relationships that is now a decade old, Forgetting Sarah Marshall holds up remarkably well.

It’s charming! It’s light! It’s very funny. Impressive in itself, before you even factor in how fucking weird it is. The movie takes several breaks to focus on a puppet-led Dracula musical, and makes the inexplicable but rewarding choice to cast Russell Brand as a major supporting role, essentially as himself. The salient details are these: Peter Bretter Segel , a composer for his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell ‘s SVU -style detective show, gets spectacularly dumped after five years.

It’s a classic farce setup that Segel, thankfully, is less interested in exploiting for a series of mortifying run-ins as he is exploring the mechanics and fallout from a breakup itself. A breakup is an end only in the most basic sense.

Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall – WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX 21 –

Let her leave so I can write this down immediately! As heart-crushed TV music composer Peter Bretter, Segel wrings some cringe-worthy laughs out of a literally and figuratively naked romantic who flies to Hawaii to recuperate only to find his sexy TV actress ex Kristen Bell cavorting at the very same luxury resort with her new British rock star beau Russell Brand.

People are bound to talk, but she was a great girlfriend. Everyone gets to speak their mind. Bell, however, did have to act opposite the full frontal Segel.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a American romantic comedy film directed by Nicholas Stoller and starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Russell.

Peter Jason Segel is a struggling musician who finds his world turned upside down when his TV celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , dumps him for a tragically hip rock star. Breaking up is hard to do–but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some belly laughs about it. Forgetting Sarah Marshall provides that rare treat: a romantic comedy about breakups, that is both romantic and funny.

The laughs, especially from writer-star Jason Segel, are both heartfelt and raunchy, and the film is just unexpected enough that it keeps the viewer’s attention till the end. The touches of producer Judd Apatow, who’s famously retooled rom-coms to appeal to guys as much as women, are woven throughout the film, but Segel’s script, reportedly based on many of his own experiences, is fresh and original.

And adult. Forgetting Sarah Marshall features male genitalia laffs presented in unexpected and human ways the nude breakup scene is played for giggles but also deep poignancy , and the language and sex scenes are strictly for grownups–and rightly so. Segel’s script, and his performance as Peter, show that he understands the true nature of adult re!

The cast is sublime; Kristen Bell Veronica Mars plays title character Sarah, a self-absorbed actress, and Russell Brand is her new British honey who accompanies her to–what are the chances? Mila Kunis plays Rachel, the resort employee who gives Peter a reason to hope, and Paul Rudd is the surfing instructor who gives him his own brand of heartfelt advice “When life gives you lemons, just say ‘F the lemons’ and bail,” he says cheerily.

The pacing is screwball, and the absurdities fly a “Dracula” musical puppet show, and a surprisingly lovely Hawaiian version of “Nothing Compares 2 U”. Nothing the viewer will forget any time soon.

Russell Brand serenades wife with Forgetting Sarah Marshall song

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall is apparently (somewhat) true. “A woman I was dating was out of town, and she came back and called me up and.

I don’t agree with Richard Roeper, columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, that this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not as funny as “The Year-Old Virgin” , and in terms of how often I laughed, and out loud laughter from people around me, this certainly doesn’t rank as high as last year’s “Knocked Up. Like those other two movies, this is another Judd Apatow production.

I seem to really enjoy films that Apatow personally writes and directs. This one, like recent films, Apatow handed over to his friends. One day, Peter gets out of the shower and sees Sarah standing in his living room. From her posture and her delicate phrasing, it’s apparent to Peter that she’s about to break up with him. The reason we can guess but we won’t learn the truth until the end.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (5/11) Movie CLIP – Yoga Class (2008) HD

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